Posted by: cslicer | January 23, 2009

Double Identity Jeopardizes Contract

Double Identity Jeopardizes Contract

January 23, 2009, Vernon, Conn

The following article is a true story. The names were changed to save embarrassment.  

A new customer approached our company for employment background checks.  Let’s refer to them as “Acme Trailer Service”.  (I love the Road Runner cartoons! )

Mrs. Acme stated  background checks were required all employees as part of their contract with Speedy Package Delivery company aka Speedy.   Acme provides onsite tractor trailer & mechanical repairs for Speedy.  

Our office processed all the employees and one report was returned rather questionable. One employee had a felony conviction but had not listed it on the employer’s application.

At first Acme thought it was a mistake because their employee was a great worker and had been with them for 4 years. The curious item was the last name.  The first name was Robert but the last name was very different. Further look revealed the date of birth matched and the residential address as well.

Robert, the employee, was approached and this was his reply.  Robert had stated that he was an adopted child and after his arrest, he found it rather encouraging to change his name back to his adopted name of birth parents.  He felt this was part of a new beginning after his time in jail.

The employer is left to decide, if they shall terminate the  employee or risk the contract with Speedy.

Which leads me to the next part. Speedy Delivery Company  was in possession of the name, date of birth & the Soc Security number of all Acme employees on site but had not ever mentioned the felony conviction.

One can only assume, Speedy Deliver Company missed the Felony conviction.

Why was BestHire able to find the felony record ?

Even though the original search was done under Robert’s  adoption name BestHire were able to use a forensic tool that found the alias name that was associated to the convicted Robert’s name. 

Our report, the National Crime Index, uncovers approximately 15% more convictions than the “Stand Alone” name & dob search.

If your company would like to give this report a try, contact today at 800-539-0055 for a free sample.


Carl Slicer,, “Hire Right the first time”.   Vernon, Conn.



  1. […] Mary E. R. Nunez .  Three years later she gets married and changes her  name to Mary E. Rivera. The employer does not have the capacity to determine such great detail on each and every applicant. […] (Actually BestHire provides this service everyday for its customers…) CHS.

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